2023 April status update

I’ve successfully neglected touching or updating this blog for (I think) close to two years now, almost all of which I have spent working full time as a software engineer. It’s largely been an enjoyable experience, but I think that what I wrote about i…

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On the experience of good audio

I recently started listening to music with my Sennheiser 6XXs after around six months of using nothing but earbuds (Sennheiser Momentums and Momentum True Wirelesses).

Now, I love the sound on my earbuds, especially compared to the many other ea…

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Tracking myself

Partly inspired by Julian Lehr's quantified self, I'm planning on trying to track myself. I don't expect that I'll actually start on this for a while, as th…

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The changing scope of my research

I started on my Masters research project back in March, and the progress of both the project itself and how I've felt about it since that time has been somewhat interesting.

For some context, the…

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Rescheduling when I do blog posts

It's been almost a full week since my last blog post, and I should probably discuss why.

When I originally restarted this blog, I intended to write one blog post per day. Barely three weeks later…

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My ideal computer at the moment

Chris Siebenmann recently wrote about how is ideal machine isn't in an existing category. Interestingly, I find myself in the same sort of situation, however with an almost entir…

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Turns out you can get in contact with me

Today's update will be a fair bit shorter than my usual fair (thank goodness!).

I mentioned in this post that there would be no way to contact me easily for feedback and comments…

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Honey, I shrunk the blog!

At the time of writing this post, loading the front page of this blog without anything cached takes around 1MB of data. Compared to the average website page (according to the http archive), this…

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The curious case of the disappearing ideas

I've taken to setting aside time in evenings to write these entries (and very late in the evenings - its currently 11:40 PM). This has mostly been fine in terms of my schedule. I have university during the day, and I also often have other activities su…

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The word count of essays that aren't essays

As you (probably) know, I've just restarted this blog, and this is my fifth total entry. One of my goals for this blog is to try to write one entry every day for as long as I can, with the purpose of creating a habit for me to keep. My hope is that I a…

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It's hard to sync more than one machine

I've long seen it reported that the sales of desktop machines is decreasing (although workstations are keeping steady or growing), whilst the sales of laptops, tablets (although almost entirely the iPad) and phones have shot through the roof. Most of t…

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Getting in contact without social media

Now that I've restarted (and somewhat revamped - I redid some of the templating) this blog, I'm left pondering a few things about how I set things up and what they actually mean for my own usage.

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