Starting this blog again

It's been some time since I've actually updated my blog. Despite trying several times to write more content, the last post I published was from mid-2018, and was written as a 30 minutes commentary on some code that I wrote, so clearly it hasn't been working too well for me.

But things will be (hopefully) changing today. I'm going to stop trying to write fully-formed content and ideas on my "blog" (which to be honest, no-one actually reads, or at least I don't have any stats on it), and instead start trying to write daily updates on things that I'm doing. Instead, my main site will be for fully formed ideas.

By necessity, this means that my blog will not be entirely tech-focussed as I had intended many years ago, and instead will just be simply whatever I feel like talking about. This may mean that this blog could turn into (basically) the equivalent of a Twitter account for me, with random daily thoughts and ideas popping in and out, or it may become a platform for me to practice a more casual style of writing after having written many formal papers throughout university.

Regardless, please do wish me luck as I try to embark on this journey. I look forward to seeing where (if anywhere) this goes!