Rescheduling when I do blog posts

It's been almost a full week since my last blog post, and I should probably discuss why.

When I originally restarted this blog, I intended to write one blog post per day. Barely three weeks later and it seems like I've given up all hope of trying for that trend.

I found, not long after I started, that when I wrote about things that I'd given some thought to, I wrote a lot more words than I thought I would. Unfortunately, I am limited by my ability to type fast and get my words onto my computer. This often means that even if I have a fully-formed and planned out idea, it can easily take me 45 minutes to an hour to write.

I'm almost the entire way through my Masters, and the semester truly has gotten back into the swing of things. I have mid-semester tests coming up, and assignment are beginning to become due. In addition, my thesis will soon need to be submitted, which means that for me, my time is at a premium.

As such, I'm instead going to move to writing one blog post a week, starting next week on Sunday. I think this should give me the time to be able to spend on my other assignments and allow me to properly spend the time on these posts.

I should probably say that this one blog post a week isn't due to a lack of ideas - I almost have more ideas written down than I have taken days off writing! Unfortunately, I just need to put more time into my university work for the moment.