Adding dark mode to my blog

Being the typical zoomer that I am, dark mode has become an essential component of my digital experience. Over the many years of late-night gaming and the early onset of myopia from staring at too many screens, the blinding effect of the white backgrou…

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Moving to zsh

I recently transitioned away from the ion shell to zsh Continue Reading →

The different approaches between `emacs` and `vim` packages

  • 462 words
  • 3 min

I recently tried using emacs for the first time in many years (the last time I used emacs was back in early 2017, and I moved to using vim later that year). Many of…

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Automatically updating git submodules using GitHub Actions

  • 885 words
  • 5 min

I know that the mono-repository is in style at the moment, but git submodules are a fantastic (and probably over complicated) tool for being able to store components of a git repository that may need to be kept used, but separate. For exam…

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Polymorphic function mapping in C++

  • 1176 words
  • 6 min

In 2016, Jonathan Blow published a video demo for his upcoming (but still unreleased) programming language Jai. In it, he does a demo about how the polymorphic solver in the Jai compiler is much bette…

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