Turns out you can get in contact with me

Today's update will be a fair bit shorter than my usual fair (thank goodness!).

I mentioned in this post that there would be no way to contact me easily for feedback and comments. My belief at the time of writing was that if I wanted to receive emails from an email address related to this domain (e.g. something@tommoa.me), I'd have to purchase a domain email service.

It turns out, I'm wrong about that. I've been able to setup tom@tommoa.me to send me email, but unfortunately there's been no way (as far as I can tell) for me to be able to send mail back using that address unless I pay for email. From my hosting provider, it only costs about $2 AUD per month for email (compared to GSuite at $8.50 AUD per month), but I don't want to waste even $2 if it turns out that the email address isn't going to be used.

If I start getting enough email through the address above that it becomes worth it to me to buy purchase the domain, I will, but as my current audience (as far as I'm aware) is a grand total of zero people, it's definitely not worth my money right now.